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This on-line course has been prepared in the framework of the project entitled “Skills for migrant entrepreneurs”, financed with support from the European Union through Erasmus+ programme, being coordinated by IFALL Sweden, in cooperation with several other partner organizations from Italy (CO.RI.S.S. and Euro-Net), Greece (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), Romania (Predict CSD Consulting) and Austria (Danube University Krems).

The main goal is to present some of the most important aspects for migrants who wish to open up a business for themselves and guide them through some processes, based on information, legislation and opportunities researched and found in the partner countries: Italy, Greece, Romania, Austria and Sweden.

This course is focused on the aspects connected to business, information about perspectives and opportunities available and prepare, at least in theory, interested persons for entering the business world.

The information presented is focused mostly on transferring knowledge to the potential target group and includes few practical assignments that aim to test the information received. These, together with the exercises and the case studies are meant to conclude to a certain knowledge basis for migrants and further encourage them to become future entrepreneurs in their hosting countries by following others’ success stories.